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Do These 6 Things for the Hottest Sex of Your Life

Do These 6 Things for the Hottest Sex of Your Life

If you're going to have sex, you might as well make it the most satisfying, mind-blowing sex it can be. In support of this orgasmic goal, we've put together a list of 6 things to do for the hottest sex of your life. You may already be doing some of these things, but combining them all into one lusty session can make for an unforgettable encounter. Get the guide below, grab your partner, and get busy.

Build Anticipation

While arousal can happen when nerve endings are stimulated, it often starts even sooner in the brain. Don’t overlook this key element in building anticipation for your sex session! Thinking about sex primes the pump, making you more receptive to your partner’s advances. If you’ve been fantasizing about sex all day, you’re also more likely to follow through and put those thoughts into action. Get those creative ideas flowing by doing a little daydreaming, tuning into a sexy podcast, or watching some dirty videos. Chances are, when you get to bed you’ll want to explore some of those fantasies with your partner.

Speaking of your partner, help him or her build anticipation by giving them a glimpse of what’s to come. You can do this visually by sending over steamy pictures or video clips, or verbally by telling them exactly what you’re looking forward to doing to them. Tease them with suggestions or touches that drive them wild and soon they won’t be thinking about anything except you.

strip tease to build anticipation

Extend Foreplay

Foreplay is an easy way to up your sexual arousal and get tuned into each other’s bodies. Men and women take different amounts of time to get aroused, so a longer foreplay session lets everyone get up to speed before you move on to intercourse. Take your time lavishing each other’s bodies with attention, making note of what’s driving your partner crazy so you can use those same moves later. Oral sex is a delicious precursor to intercourse, so read our guides to giving great blow jobs and giving her great oral sex. Another great way to create a lengthier session is to add in a sensual massage. A rubdown can help your partner become super relaxed and receptive, leading to easier orgasms.

Get Wet

We're not suggesting you jump in the shower (although, hey, that would be damn sexy), but rather getting wet by using a personal lubricant like Penchant Premium [also available on Amazon]. Because it makes it easier to orgasm, lube is a great tool to add in the bedroom. Think about it: if you want hot, slick, electric sex, amplifying natural sensations is the way to go. Don’t feel like you need to confine lube to your main erogenous zones - play around with it on your chest and nipples, and slick it on your hands for a smooth glide wherever you touch. Silicone lube also makes a great massage lotion if you opt for a dirty pregame rubdown.

wet for hours

Talk Dirty

It may seem awkward at first, but the more you say what’s on your mind, the more you can excite your partner. Dirty talk works great both in anticipation of sex and also during sex - what changes is the way you talk about things ("I can't wait to do this to you" vs. "I love it when you touch me like that). This fantastic guide to dirty talk helps explain the difference, and it’s well worth a read. Keep in mind that dirty talk is all about your comfort level - you can start small and then work your way up to more adventurous and descriptive conversations.

Mix It Up

It’s easy to fall into a rut with sex, but the trick to hot sex is to introduce an element of novelty - whether that means new sensations, new positions, or new locations. We’re not necessarily talking about running through the whole Kama Sutra at once, but rather trying a position you haven’t done before. Doing something a little different in bed (or on the couch or in the shower…) can help you discover what you really like, and when you’re not expecting every single move you can really focus on being in the moment. Also, don’t be shy about playing with different roles in the bedroom, like who sets the pace, who is dominant, etc.

Introducing something new in the bedroom is a lot of fun and a way to change things up. Using toys together, for example, can unleash some hidden desires and help you explore different sensations. Toys are also a great way to investigate some types of fantasies. For example, using a toy can help mimic the experience of a threesome without actually inviting someone else into your bed.

Mixing things up also means being spontaneous - surprise your partner with a dirty picture, put the moves on in a forbidden place, or plan a mini vacation. Make it so your partner can’t wait to see what sexy surprise is next!

get in bed

Let Go

Hot sex is all about losing your inhibitions and giving yourself over to your partner, so don’t worry about bumped knees or weird noises that your bodies might make. Speaking of noise, don’t be afraid to show your enthusiasm and vocalize how you feel - those moans and groans let your lover know that you’re aroused, which is its own turn on. Uninhibited sex is the best kind and it helps you get out of your mind and into your body.

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