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The Definitive Guide to Outdoor Sex

The Definitive Guide to Outdoor Sex

Ahh, outdoor sex: it's one of the greatest perks of warmer weather and the reason we're so glad that summer is finally here.  There's something completely energizing about the feeling of sex in the fresh air, and nothing quite so naughty as the feeling that you could get caught.  The season may be halfway though, but trust us, there's still plenty of time to take advantage of the great outdoors.  Here's what you need to know.

A Few Guidelines

In most cases, outdoor sex means you’ll be in a public place, so some common sense rules apply.  Read through this list and then pick your favorite location to get down and dirty.

1. Don't stand out.

While outdoor sex can be totally spontaneous, if it's something you've already planned with your partner, be sure to dress appropriately.  This means wearing clothes that blend in with your surroundings, like wearing earth tones for a walk in the woods instead of your neons.

Camouflage for sex

2. Be fast.

As awesome as it would be to spend all the time in the world making love, the longer you spend in the act the more likely you are to get caught.  Keep things fast and skip the foreplay.  Since it can take awhile for women to get fully aroused, you can both get closer to full-throttle by building anticipation with some dirty talk. 

3. Wear easy-access clothes.

This tip ties into the idea of being fast.  Wearing easy-access clothing like a skirt ensures you both can move comfortably and reach important body parts without having to get fully naked.  And yes, this includes underwear.  Not only can underwear slow you down when you need to be speedy, it can flat-out get in the way.  Sure you can push underwear down your legs, but that can also restrict your range of motion.  The best bet is for her to go commando, or wear skimpier designs like thongs and crotchless panties.

Cross legs no underwear for sex

4. Don't be loud.

There is something totally liberating about being as loud as you want to be in the bedroom, but when you're taking sex outside, it's just not the time and place.  Stifle those moans and groans and remember to keep things discreet.

5. Don't get caught.

Yes, nudity may be the natural state of things, but when it comes to the law, getting caught with your pants down can be a huge violation of local regulations.  Not only could you be arrested for public indecency, but in some cases you might have to register as a sex offender.  Not worth it.  Make sure you don't get caught in the act and if that means aborting your mission halfway through, it's better to err on the side of caution.  You can always resume once you're back inside.  Just call it delayed gratification. 

The Best Locations

1. Beach

The idea of sex on the beach can be totally appealing - after all, you're already wet and half-naked.  To keep beach sex feeling its best, you need to keep sand out of some key places - namely, her vagina, your ass, and your mouth.  If you’re feeling frisky on shore, bring a blanket or large towel to cushion you and prevent scrapes and sand burns.  On the other hand, if you’re headed out into the ocean to do the deed, be discreet and make sure you’re far enough into the water that your bodies are covered.  A good position to try is this standing move: facing each other, the man lifts her up under the thighs while she wraps her arms around his neck and legs around his body.  From there, the water can keep you supported while you go at it.  Another idea is to try some manual foreplay in the water but move the main event back to land. 

2. Pool / Hot Tub

The pool or hot tub can be a sensual place to have sex, giving you slick skin and a weightless feeling, but the key is to do it right.  Despite having chlorine, these bodies of water can harbor bacteria, although private pools are less likely to have bacteria than public ones.  That being said, the same chemicals that keep things clean(ish) can also be less than kind, stripping away a woman's natural lubrication.  If your heart is set on pool or hot tub sex, apply some silicone lube before you slip into the water.  Silicone lube won't break down as easily in the water, giving you a more enjoyable experience. In pools, use the walls for support and leverage while thrusting. Oral sex or manual stimulation are also winners here.  Try having the receiving party sit on the edge of the pool or hot tub while the other person remains in the water.

sex in the pool

3. Forest

Having sex in the forest gives you a bit more seclusion than other outdoor options, in addition to giving you a little more to play with.  Keep in mind that you don’t, for the love of god, want poison ivy or blackberry thorns near your private parts, and make sure you’re clear of potentially unwelcome vegetation.  For positions, work with what you have, using a tree for support.  Try doggy-style where the girl holds onto a tree, or try lifting her up against the trunk. For a middle of the road option, try having sex in a tent while camping.  Just try not to leave your hiking poles underneath the tent when you set it up. The bruises in the morning can be killer.

 4. Park

A park definitely falls into the public space realm, so proceed with caution.  Seclusion is key, especially when there are other people around. Public indecency is a thing. Coming prepared with a blanket to cover your bodies and stay out of high-traffic areas.  Also, be sure to abide by posted park hours.  If this option's a little too risky for you, you can also move the action to a parked car.  You still get a view of the great outdoors, but add in a little more privacy.

5. Boat

When it comes to sex, rocking the boat is A-okay. That being said, a boat is still a vehicle, so first and foremost make sure your boat is completely stopped and positioned in a safe area (read: not in the middle of a throughway). Depending on the boat, you may be able to go below deck, and if so, do what works best for you. If you’re up on top, however, make sure that at least one of you is holding onto the boat for support.  Getting busy on the floor of the boat is also a great choice, with the walls of the vehicle offering a little privacy.

get on the boat for sex

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