Penchant was founded by a woman determined to add happiness to the world, or, at least, your bedroom.

Though sex is often a taboo subject, when Tanya Gallagher started talking to her friends, she found that people were open and eager to talk about their love lives.  From sharing funny stories to the latest juicy reads, people wanted to talk about sex, and Tanya was happy to continue the conversation.


What she discovered was that although there are a number of products you can use in the bedroom, the linchpin allowing so many other fun experiences is personal lubricant.  The lubes she found, though, were often disappointing – sticky, quick to wear out, and not safe for your body.  She founded Penchant to bring the perfect lube to people and to bring luxury into the bedroom.


Today at Penchant we believe in enhancing life’s pleasures and in empowering people to make the best decisions for their bodies and their love lives.  Our mission is to create products that deliver a luxury sensual experience without compromising your health or safety.  That means making products that really work and that meet the highest standards in quality and safety.  We do this by keeping a forward-thinking mindset and using the latest scientific advances in manufacturing.  Customer service is our top priority and our original mission of adding to your happiness is still our core value.