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How to Make Your Next Massage the Best One Yet

How to Make Your Next Massage the Best One Yet

Giving a sensual massage is a wonderful way to increase intimacy with your partner and help him or her reach new levels of relaxation.  While this type of massage doesn’t necessarily have to lead to sex, don’t be surprised if it’s the happy result.  Here are our favorite tips for making your next massage the best one yet.

1. Make sure you have uninterrupted time.  Save the massage for a night when the kids aren’t going to come knocking on the door.  Put away cell phones and other distractions so you can focus on enjoying yourselves.

2. Set the stage.  Make sure your environment is calm and relaxed.  Lay out a soft towel or sheet for your partner to lie on.  Feel free to dim the lights and to light scented, calming candles.  You can even play soft music.

3. Use a massage lotion for best results.  While your bare hands can do a fine job, using a massage lotion can completely change the massage experience from okay to over-the-top good.  You can use massage oils or personal lubricant for an enhance your partner’s pleasure.  We recommend a lubricant, such as Penchant Premium, that stays silky and that leaves the skin feeling soft.  Plus, if the massage does lead to sex, you’re ready to go!

4. Begin your massage.  We recommend starting with some of the larger muscle groups that may hold tension, like the back and shoulders, and working your way down from there.  Try different types of strokes – some light touches and others with more pressure.  Pay attention to how your partner responds.  You’ll know from his or her reaction when you’re doing a great job.  If your partner is responsive, you can move to more erogenous zones.

5. Enjoy yourself!  Have fun and savor the experience of pleasing your partner.

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