How to Give Her Great Oral Sex

Oral sex can be a huge turn on - both for the recipient and the giver - so it’s well worth mastering the moves.  Below we’re sharing our favorite tips for giving her great oral sex.  

1. Get comfortable.  It can take a little while for a woman to orgasm through oral sex alone, and if she’s feeling rushed, it’s that much harder for a woman to relax and let go.  Pick a time to get frisky when you’re not in a hurry, and then make sure you’re both physically comfortable.  Also try placing a pillow beneath her hips to give you easier access to the important bits.

2. Anticipation is key.  You don’t need to jump right to the obvious.  Instead, take your time teasing and playing, in order to get her revved up.  Kiss or caress her thighs before you dive in.


3. Work your way in from the outside, to help increase anticipation.  Start with softer touches and then increase the intensity as she responds.

4. Mix it up.  Change the way you use your tongue - licking, sucking, kissing, etc.  When you try different strokes and use different parts of your tongue, you’re more likely to find the thing that really drives her wild.  

5. Use your hands.  Don’t forget to use your hands or even a toy to help increase sensation for your partner.  Some women love the combination of two sensations at once, so be sure to experiment.

6. Listen.  Pay attention to your partner’s body cues - what she’s saying, how she’s breathing, moving against you, etc.  When you find what she likes, keep going!  Build that anticipation and hopefully you’ll both be rewarded with her orgasm.

    March 14, 2016 by Tanya Gallagher
    Tags: inspiration

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