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9 Mind-Blowing BJ Techniques You Need to Try Tonight

9 Mind-Blowing BJ Techniques You Need to Try Tonight

For most guys, any blow job is better than no blow job (except for the one guy I met in college who told me that he thought blow jobs were degrading. Needless to say, he didn't get one.) That being said, taking your skills to the next level can be a total game-changer.  To make your next blow job the stuff of his fantasies, try these 9 hot techniques tonight.

Let's Do This


Touch him all over.  A great blow job isn't just about concentrating on one area of his body.  When you touch him on his thighs, legs, stomach, and even nipples, you not only make him feel great, you build anticipation for when you do finally wrap your lips around him.

  kermit the frog good point


Remember wetter is better.  For a slippery sensation, make sure you use plenty of saliva when you're going down on him.  Adding in your favorite lube can also enhance feelings for your guy, so grab a bottle and go to town.  Most lubes are safe for oral, but if you're not sure just check the packaging.  A great silicone lube like Penchant Premium can be a lot of fun [also available on Amazon].

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Go deep.  Not everyone is game for deep throat action (hello, gag reflex!), so mimic the sensation that he's all the way in your mouth by using your hands as an extension of your mouth.  Move the two in tandem to make him feel like he's in even deeper.

Jon Stewart Mind Blown


Grab his ass.  And grabbing his ass and pulling him in close makes things feel that much more urgent and conveys how much you want him.  Not to mention, it checks the box of touching him in a new area.

Yes Excited


Remember the balls.  A man's testicles have plenty of sensation, so feel free to play with the twins!  Don't be shy about licking or sucking his skin.  Gently cradling or tugging on his balls, especially as he comes, will amplify his climax.



Sneak in a little backdoor action (with permission, of course). The prostate is a highly sensitized area and stimulating it can have mind-blowing results.  If you haven't already explored this with your partner and he's game for it, start small.  This is where lube comes in, ahem, handy.  Use plenty of lube and slide in just the tip of your finger as you tease his back entrance.  It may take a few sessions to work up to it, but once you're fully inside of him, make a come here gesture against the front wall of his anal canal to stimulate the prostate.  If that's off-limits territory for him, you can also indirectly stimulate the prostate by massaging his perinium - the area between his balls and his anus.

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Touch yourself.  Guys are visual creatures, and there's something so hot about you touching yourself while you touch him.  When he knows how much he’s making you horny, it’s a total boost.  The extra show is a huge turn on, plus you get to feel great, too!

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Make some noise.  Unless you need to keep things quiet because, say, your kids are in the next room, adding in some noise makes a blow job a more heady experience.  Let your guy hear you enjoying yourself.  Not only are those vocalizations super sexy, they add vibrations for extra sensation.

Oh Yeah Jennifer Lawrence


Bring in a toy.  Vibrators are not just for women and bringing them into your blowjob can make him feel sensational.  Try holding a tiny vibrator on the underside of his shaft while you go down on him, or even add in a vibrating anal plug, for an added buzz.

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