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10 Lube Facts Every Newbie Should Know

10 Lube Facts Every Newbie Should Know

At Penchant you'll always hear us singing the praises of using lube, but if you're new to using it, there may be a lot you don't know. Below we've rounded up ten lube facts every newbie should know, along with plenty of extra reading material. Knowledge is power, and, in this case, knowledge is also pleasure. What are you waiting for? Let's get started.

1. There's no shame in using it.

Lube is awesome, whether or not you “need” to use it, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Misunderstandings about the female body can lead to people to believe that if a woman can’t get wet on her own, there’s something wrong with her. First of all, no. Tons of things can interfere with a woman’s ability to lubricate - from hormonal changes to medication to not getting enough sleep! If you want to get down and your body isn’t quite cooperating, lube can make things much more fun. Also, even if your body is doing just fine on its own, adding lube can enhance sensations for all parties involved. And don’t forget, there are plenty of times that lube is not only nice to have but a must-have (cough, cough, anal). The name of the game is experiencing pleasure in a healthy, safe, fun way, and lube has you covered. There's nothing wrong with that!

proud to use lube

2. There are three main categories of lube.

There are three main categories of lube and they all serve different purposes. Silicone lube is long-lasting and works in the water while water-based lube is easier to clean up and is compatible with more types of adult toys. Oil-based lubes are good for hand jobs, but they can be messy and shouldn’t be used with condoms. We go more in-depth in our post about the Different Types of Lube, so head over to learn more.

3. You might orgasm more easily.

Studies have shown that using lube leads to more satisfaction and pleasure in bed, which makes it a total winner in our book. Anything that can help you achieve orgasm more easily is awesome, and the great news is that the findings apply for both masturbation and for use with a partner.

big smile for lube

4. It's a great way to practice safe sex.

By nature, lube helps reduce friction during sexual play and intercourse. The simple glide that makes it feel so good also makes lube good for you - using lube helps reduce risk of tears that can introduce bacteria into your body. Lubricant is also great when you and your partner have a size difference, and it's a must-have for anal play.

5. It can lead to more sex.

Because lube reduces friction, you'll end up feeling a little less sore after using it during intercourse. And because you're less sore, you can go at it again that much more quickly. Problem solved!

6. You can use it for more than intercourse.

Yes, lube is awesome for intercourse, but it’s also a great way to enhance hand jobs and blow jobs. You can also use silicone lube as a massage oil or a way to prevent chafing during running, not to mention a few other creative ideas.

 Using lube can lead to more sex

7. Make sure it's condom-compatible.

While using lube is a safe sex practice, not all lubes are created equal when it comes to condom compatibility. Most water-based and silicone lubes are great to pair with condoms, however don’t use oil-based lubricants with them. The oil can weaken condoms, causing them to break. Not what you want when you’re trying to be safe.

8. Make sure it's toy compatible.

Using lube with adult toys is a great way to add fun to the situation, and it helps ease the path with insertable toys. The key is to make sure the lube you have is compatible with the material of the toy you’re using. Silicone lube can break down silicone toys, however silicone lube can work great with glass or metal toys. Water-based lubes are a safe all-around bet, since they tend to have the least interactions with toys.

thumbs up for using lube

9. It's great for sex after baby.

After having a baby, getting back to intimacy can stir up all sorts of feelings, from excitement to exhaustion. One feeling that you shouldn’t have? Pain. Since it’s normal for women’s estrogen levels to shift after giving birth, natural lubrication may not be at the same level as pre-baby. The good news is that using lube can offset some of the dryness and irritation caused by those hormonal shifts. And, hey, it’s fun. Anything that helps offset midnight feedings can make your day a little better.

10. Women can use it after menopause for other reasons than sex.

While we typically think of using lube during sex, it’s not uncommon for women to use a drop or two of lube to offset vaginal dryness caused by hormonal changes such as menopause. A long-lasting silicone lube is a great bet here, and it can help reduce irritation caused by friction or dryness.

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