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4 Steamy Ways to Spice Up Your Fall

4 Steamy Ways to Spice Up Your Fall

It’s officially the season of the Pumpkin Spice Latte which unofficially means way more indoor time. And being inside can mean a lot more time for your favorite activities - cooking, catching up on your favorite tv shows, and, oh yeah, sex. Here are four steamy ways to spice up your fall. We’re still sad that summer’s ending, but these moves are a great way to turn that frown upside-down and tide you over until the temperatures warm up again.

Share your sex fantasy

Chances are, you might have a sexy fantasy in your head that you’ve never acted on, and now could be the perfect time to mention it to your partner. Sharing a fantasy might not always be a natural thing, so here are a few ways to bring up the subject. Try watching a dirty video together and casually say, “I’d love to try something like that with you,” or, “I bet it would feel amazing if we did that together.” The same idea goes with sending your partner a snippet of some erotica and saying, “This really turns me on.” From there, you partner can get creative, and he or she may even share their own fantasy with you.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to act on these fantasies if they’re not something your partner is down for, but when you openly communicate what you want in bed, it allows your partner to better understand what turns you on. For example, maybe he or she isn’t down for a threesome, and that’s okay. A compromise, like adding a toy into the mix, watching porn together, or doing some sexy role play, might give you both a similar sensation. Or, you might find that your fantasies align, in which case bring it on.

sex fantasy

Have fireside sex

Getting cozy together is the name of the game come fall, and there’s something that’s both romantic and (sometimes physically) hot about snuggling by the fire. We suggest you turn up the heat even more by putting on the moves in front of the fireplace. Let’s be real - it doesn’t matter if it’s a wood-burning fireplace or an electric one - the key is to take those vibes to the floor (or coffee table, or couch…) and have some sweaty, delicious sex. Don't forget to add lube to enhance every sensation.

fireside sex

Play Strip Poker

Play Strip Poker. Or Strip Rock, Paper, Scissors, or Strip Bingo. Whatever game you’ve got handy, up the racy factor by shedding articles of clothing as you play. It’ll make those long, dark nights that much more fun and you’ll never look at a deck of cards the same way again.

For another fun game to play with a deck of cards, try this. Assign each suit in a deck of cards a different meaning: hearts = kissing, clubs = oral, diamonds = manual stimulation, spades = take off an article of clothing. Each time you draw a card, follow the guide to know what to do. Do that action for a length of time that corresponds to the number on the card. For example, a 6 of hearts means kiss for 6 seconds. Or you can let the action dictate how long you do it for (1 second oral is such a tease!).

Strip poker

Have a photo shoot

Lights, camera, action! Whether you opt for still photos or videos, having a photo shoot can add some major sex appeal to your day. There are a few ways to go about this - you can take some erotic photos of yourself, hire a photographer to capture some boudoir images, or better yet, hand over a camera to your partner and have him or her take some photos. Treat this like a real photoshoot and pay attention to the details, from hair to makeup to attire. This is the perfect excuse to pick up some new lingerie, if that’s your style, or you can go totally nude. Make sure to remove distracting elements from your location (see ya later, iPhone), and get comfortable by lighting candles or playing some music. Then, have fun! Be sure to talk to each other as you shoot, and focus on a range of your shots - from close ups to full-body shots. Also, focus on your partner’s favorite features to up the confidence factor.

If you’re opting to shoot a little home video, make sure you’re both in agreement about how the final video will be stored so your mind is at ease. Then get down and dirty. There’s something completely erotic about watching the final video together, and it might just lead to a role reprisal.

sexy photo shoot

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