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7 Ways to be Smart About Sex Toys

7 Ways to be Smart About Sex Toys
Sex toys are pretty damn awesome - not only can they be a fun way to add spice to the bedroom, they can also be a way for some couples to achieve orgasm even if it's not possible through intercourse alone. Plus, anything that helps in the exploration of your pleasure is a total win. That means toys are fantastic for both solo play and for couples, and if you haven't tried one yet, now's the time.

The trick to sex toys is to be smart about how you choose them, use them, and care for them. We've rounded up our favorite tips for sex toys, so read our how-to guide and get started. You'll be feeling the good vibes in no time.

Choose smart.

When you're shopping for a sex toy, choose something that you're excited to try and that you think will get you off. Think about the kinds of stimulation that make you or your partner feel the best. Do you like penetration? Great! Try a G-Spot vibrator. Do you like serious vibration? Try a wand massager. Want to try anal?

There's no right or wrong style when it comes to your pleasure - as long as it makes you feel good and you're comfortable trying it. The goal is to get you off and have fun. If you're buying a toy for your partner, be sure to read our guide, How to Buy Sex Toys as Gifts.

Use the toy how it was designed.

There are a ton of different adult toys out there and while some of them are multi-functional or have multiple modes (of motion, vibration, etc.), you'll want to make sure to use the toy in the way it was designed. This is especially true when it comes to anal play. While you might be tempted to use a toy you have on hand for a little back door exploration, if the toy doesn't have a base it's a no-go. The base on anal toys is key for easy retrieval. Let's just say it's in everyone's best interest that toys don't get lost where they don't belong.

Pool toy as sex toy

Use lube.

Everything's better with lube, and this goes for sex toys as well. A little lube can reduce friction during insertion and make a slicker, more enjoyable experience. That being said, use the right lube for your kind of toy. While silicone lubricant is long-lasting and great for glass or metal toys, it can sometimes degrade the surface of silicone toys. As a general rule, unless they're clearly marked as safe to use together, don’t mix silicone toys with silicone lube. Instead, opt for a water-based lube with your silicone vibrators. All the more reason to have a few kinds of lube on hand!

Be hygienic.

Part of having fun with sex toys means being safe with sex toys. At the end of the day, a lot of this comes down to hygiene. Make sure your toys are clean before using them to ensure they're free of any materials they may have come in contact with during storage. Dog hair on a dildo? No thank you.

In addition, make sure that sex toys are getting cleaned well after use. Read the cleaning instructions on your toy - some may require a wipe-down with a damp washcloth, while you may want to use a designated toy cleaner on others.

Smart hygiene also applies to how you use your toys. Don’t go back and forth between anal and vaginal play with the same toy unless it has been thoroughly cleaned in between. Also, similar guidelines apply for sharing toys between partners. You may want to have toys that are specific for him or for her, and if you're using them together, make sure toys are properly cleaned to avoid the spread of bacteria. When in doubt, you can always place a condom over your toy for an extra layer of protection. 

condom on dong

Be water smart.

Some sex toys are clearly designated as water-safe toys. If you have a toy marked as waterproof, check it before each use to make sure the covering to the battery compartment isn’t damaged. Likewise, don't submerge a battery-operated sex toy in water. 

Store your toys safely.

After all your fun is done, make sure you store your toys in a way that will keep them clean and free of damage. While having a designated toy box for your treasures is ideal, you can also safely store your sex toys in cloth bags in a drawer, etc. Avoid storing toys in plastic bags.

hiding things store your toys safely
Get the best buzz.

Something a little surprising? If you keep batteries in your toys between uses, the batteries can be slowly drained while the toy waits to be used. To make sure your toys keep running smoothly, remove batteries in between each session and keep them stored close by. After all, there's nothing worse than when a sex toy decides to quit working halfway through a session in bed. 

when your vibrator batteries die

For rechargeable toys, the trick is remembering to actually recharge them. A good time to do this might be after each use, while the toy is cleaned and drying. 


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