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6 Easy Tips To Help Get The Most Out Of Your Lube Purchase

6 Easy Tips To Help Get The Most Out Of Your Lube Purchase

If you're reading this, you're most likely the proud owner of a new bottle of lube, and first of all, congratulations! Bring lube into the bedroom is a great choice to enhance your sexual activities, whether you're with a partner or flying solo. And while using lube is great, you can get even more out of your purchase when you follow a few simple steps. Use these six tips to help get you on your way to a slick, sensual, orgasm-inducing good time.

Open your bottle carefully.

Any new bottle of lube will come with a safety seal that you'll have to remove prior to using. That seal is a protective measure to ensure your bottle is a new one, and it's also a way to keep things from spilling when your delivery is in transit to you. After you remove that seal, be sure to replace the bottle's cap securely, tightening it well in order to prevent any leaks.

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Start with a small amount.

When it comes to lube, a little goes a long way, but the amount you end up using during your session can vary due to a few factors - the length of your session, whether or not you're using condoms and/or toys, and even the humidity in the air! Start by applying a nickel-sized amount of lube and then go from there. If you feel like that starting amount isn't slick enough for your taste, you may not have added enough. A little extra keeps you going for a whole session and lets you focus on the task at hand!

Ever tried lube in the hot tub or shower?

Silicone lubricants such as Penchant Premium open up a whole new world of possibilities for fun in the water. Water can break down a person's natural lubrication, but silicone lubes won't degrade in the water. This means that silicone lubes are the clear choice when you want to engage in a little water play. When you're done getting frisky, use a little soap and warm water for easy clean up. Just be careful - lube on the shower floor can get slippery!

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Using toys?

When it comes to pairing your lube with adult toys, water and aloe-based lubes tend to be a great all-around choice because they're compatible with almost all toy materials. They, along with silicone lubes, are compatible with condoms, too, so you can have a safe, fun time. Be sure to read our list of 7 ways to be smart about sex toys for some hygiene and storage tips, then go get your buzz on.

Try your best to store the bottle upright.

Lube is a slippery liquid (hallelujah!), which makes it feel great on your body and which also means it wants to escape from its bottle. If you accidentally knock over a bottle  or leave it on its side, the liquid inside is likely to leak. Keep your bottle upright when you store it to prevent any unnecessary spills.

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Much like a shampoo or face wash bottle, when you fly lube bottles can occasionally be susceptible to changing air pressure. You should, of course, still bring it with you on vacation, but use a few precautions. A good travel hack we've learned is to keep your bottle in a zip-lock bag, separate from the rest of your toiletries. To be doubly sure things are secure with an already open bottle, add a tiny layer of saran wrap beneath the cap, then make sure that cap is on tight. Happy travels!

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