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Here’s How to Use Lube

Here’s How to Use Lube

Thinking about using lube but not sure where to start?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  Using lube is a great way to enhance sensation during sex and it’s easy to use.  Here’s how to use lube during your next sensual encounter.

  1. Start with your favorite lube.  If you’re new to the lube game, read our guide about the different types of lube, and then select the one that excites you most.  Water-based and silicone lubes are both excellent options, so we recommend trying both!
  2. Open your bottle carefully.  Lubricants will come with a safety seal for you to remove, but you’ll need to replace your cap securely after you remove that seal.  Be sure to close the bottle tightly to prevent any leaks.
  3. Start with a little and add more as needed.  Begin by applying a small amount of lube to yourself, your partner, or a toy.  We recommend first putting the lube on your fingers to minimize spillage, then applying it where you want.  The amount you’ll need varies from person to person and depends on personal preferences, so don’t be afraid to add more.  While a little goes a long way, if you start to feel too much friction it means you may not have added enough.  
  4. Add lube when and where you need it.  Lube is fantastic during foreplay, but you may find you want to add it later in the game.  Try using it while giving a hand job, during penetration, and even during solo play.  It’s also a must-have during anal sex, so be sure to keep a bottle on hand.
  5. Keep your bottle upright to prevent leaks.  Lube is a slippery liquid (hallelujah!) but that also means that it wants to escape from its bottle.  Keep your bottle upright when you store it.  Also, if you plan to travel with your lube, remember that it behaves like any liquid and it may react to air pressure changes.  It never hurts to put it in its own plastic bag prior to packing.  Get ready for your best vacation yet.

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