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3 Kick-Ass Traits Many Lube Users Have In Common

3 Kick-Ass Traits Many Lube Users Have In Common

Ever since launching Penchant, we’ve had a chance to talk with a whole lot of people about lube, pleasure, and sexual empowerment. We might be a little biased, but we think that people who use lube are among the coolest out there, for a bunch of reasons. While our customers range in age, gender, ethnicity, sexual preferences, and more, most of them have some awesome features in common. Here’s a shout out to those lube users who are bold, confident, and generally fantastic. Thanks for giving us one of the best jobs we can think of and for being the favorite part of our day.

1. You expect more pleasure in life, and find ways to get it.

If you’re already using lube, you know the numerous ways it can enhance your sex life, and for that we say, bravo. We have a sneaking suspicion your lust for life extends beyond the bedroom and you won’t settle for average experiences in other areas of your life, either. Whether it’s savoring a slice of triple-chocolate cake or enjoying a well-deserved vacation, you want your life to be full of pleasure and you go for it.

enjoy pleasure

2. You’re willing to try new things.

Any time you’re bringing something new into the bedroom, there’s a certain level of adventure and open-mindedness required. Using lube is no exception, and if you’re willing to experiment to find what works best for you, we suspect you’ll also be game to experiment with your pleasure in other ways. We believe pleasure is an equal-opportunity proposition and we love when it becomes the gateway for you to further explore your sexuality.


3. You’re confident.

Chances are, if you’re bringing a tool like lube into the bedroom, you’re focused on big-picture benefits like easier arousal, improved orgasms, and an overall healthier sex life. Plus, using lube sure as hell feels good. When you’re empowered to ask for what you want, that confidence can translate into other areas of your life.



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