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Our Favorite Racy Reasons To Try Car Sex, And How To Do It

Our Favorite Racy Reasons To Try Car Sex, And How To Do It

Car sex might be a rite of passage for horny teenagers with no other privacy options for getting down, but here at Penchant we’d argue that a rendezvous in the car isn’t just for the young. Car sex delivers the heightened excitement of a public display combined with the ability to duck and cover, if you need to. The danger of getting caught is half the fun, but since you’re technically indoors, you’ve got the luxury of a climate-controlled (albeit tiny) location and the ability to make a speedy getaway, if needed.

When you’re turned on and feeling spontaneous, don’t let being in a car limit you. The key to car sex is to use a little creativity and master the below moves. What are you waiting for? Go steam up some windows and let loose.

kiss while driving

1. Safety First

This rule should go without saying, but before you get into any action, make sure you’re parked with the engine off. Because safety first, people. Along those lines, bring protection. While condoms and other forms of birth control are a no-brainer, we're talking about protection you might not have considered: some for your car.

Sex in any location can get a little messy, but bringing along a towel or blanket to protect your seats can save you a huge detailing bill down the line. This kind of cover will also help prevent your ass from sticking to leather seats. Prying your skin off of leather is an exercise in pain and it's best avoided, if you can help it.

2. Time It Right 

If at all possible, aim for a nighttime session to give you the cover of darkness. After all, as thrilling as the idea of getting caught might be, the reality isn't so pretty (we're looking at you, public indecency charges). In some states, getting caught means you're subject to everything from misdemeanor charges to having to register as a sex offender. No orgasm is worth it. 

3. Use What You Have

While the close quarters of a car might mean you need to get a little flexible, you usually have a few options to consider for both locations and positions. For cars with large back seats, move the party to the back and go lying down (missionary or spoon sex), doggy style, or whichever way strikes your fancy. In the front seat, your best options are usually a variation of cowgirl style - either traditional cowgirl-style with you facing each other and her using the headrest for leverage, or reverse cowgirl with her facing the windshield and using the dashboard for leverage. No matter which spot you finally choose, make sure to move the front seats to give you the most room.

4. Avoid the Driver's Seat

When it comes to car sex, discretion is key. That's why we recommend you steer clear (get it, get it?) of the driver's seat. Not only is the horn a pesky mood-buster, there's no better way to get caught than to accidentally honk it mid-action. Plus, that steering wheel takes up precious space in an already tight location.

5. Be Quick

Going back to point number 2, for the love of god, be fast about your encounter. Car sex is not the time for forty-minute foreplay. The goal is to get off and get your clothes back on. To that end, if you're skipping foreplay, try using water-based lube. Not only does it increase the ease of orgasm, it amplifies sensation. A few wet-wipes will get you back in order in no time. 




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