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Want to have multiple orgasms? Read this.

Want to have multiple orgasms?  Read this.

Ladies, listen up.  There’s nothing quite like having an orgasm and then having a second (or a third...or more) coming hard behind it.  If you’ve always thought you were a one and done kind of girl (or, gulp, none and done?), now’s the time to change your thinking.  Your body is wired to bring you pleasure and if you can unlock its potential you’ll find yourself on a mind-blowing journey.  Give these sexy tips a try to add more bliss to your day.

  1. Prep your body.  First and foremost, focus on the tried-and-true things that bring you pleasure, so you can consistently achieve orgasm.  This might mean taking time out to masturbate or to experiment with a toy or a partner.  While a single type of stimulation might do it for you, you may need clitoral stimulation at the same time as penetration to push you over the edge.  You may also love the feeling of adding lube to your session.  Figure out what works for you so you can feel your best.
  2. Orgasm is a mindset.  Both your body and your mind need to be open to achieving orgasm, which means feeling relaxed is a priority.  At the same time, when your mind is revved up, your body will often respond in kind.  Grab a dirty novel or watch some porn if it helps get you in the mood, and when you do hit the sheets, feel confident that you’ll orgasm more than once.
  3. Ride the wave.  After your first orgasm, your body is still receptive and primed to come again.  Take a small break from direct stimulation, if you need it, and then continue to pleasure yourself (or have a partner do it).  When it’s still sensitive, your body can naturally rise to the next crest of pleasure.  Trust us, it’s worth a little “homework” to get there.

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