A New Year's Resolution that Makes Everyone Happy

New Year’s resolutions are not typically my game - I like being flexible to pursue what’s most exciting to me in any given season.  That being said, there’s one simple New Year’s resolution I’m putting on my list - experience more pleasure in 2016.  This certainly goes beyond the bedroom, but you can bet I’ll be focused there as well.  Good for me, good for my husband.  Good for...you?

Here’s the thing - I take my job at Penchant very seriously, and part of that means bringing you more products to enhance your sex life.  If I need to try out a few vibrators to recommend my favorite ones to you, I’ll just have to take one for the team.  If you’re on board and want to have more frequent, longer-lasting, better sex, try some Penchant products on for size.  Our lubes are the best in the industry and we know you’ll love the way you feel.  We’re also offering vibrators and toys to jumpstart your libido, so take a peek at our shop and pick your favorites.  Consider it a belated holiday present to yourself!


January 06, 2016 by Tanya Gallagher

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