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The Number One Thing I Wish People Knew About Lube

The Number One Thing I Wish People Knew About Lube

When you go into the lube business, in many ways you become, by default, a lube evangelist.  Sure there’s the surface-level reason for it: you want to spread the word about your amazing product.  You want to sing from the rafters about personal lubricants that can improve your sex life.

But there’s also a deeper level that doesn’t immediately jump to mind, another reason that I’ve talked about lube with everyone from my closest friends to strangers I’ve met on the airplane.  In my case, the more I’ve learned about lube over time, the more information I’ve wanted to share.

The number one thing you can say to me to get me talking your ear off?  Tell me that, “Nah, I don’t need lube.”

Here’s the thing.  There’s a huge misconception that if you don’t need lube that you can’t benefit from it.  Lube is such a multi-purpose powerhouse.  You can use it for a sensual massage.  You can use it to prevent chafing when you run.  But most importantly, it can enhance the great sex you’re already having.

Lube makes everything so. much. fun.  Studies have shown that using lube during intercourse significantly increases your satisfaction and pleasure.  Um, hi.  Anything that can make it easier to achieve orgasm is a win.  Using lube is also a safe sex practice, reducing your risk of tears that can introduce bacteria to your body.  A silicone lube also makes it more enjoyable to have sex in the water, since water actually washes away natural lubrication.

There’s a certain stigma out there about using lube and I truly want to dispel that notion.  A woman’s ability to produce natural lubricant isn’t directly proportional to her desire.  A variety of things from hormonal shifts to stress to environment can affect a woman’s comfort level.  And that’s not even getting me started on anal sex, where lubricant is a must-have.

Personal lubricants have become so much more than a business to me.  Educating people is my passion project so you can bet I’ll keep talking about my brand and handing business cards to anyone who asks.  A happy, healthy sex life is important.  Lube can get you there.

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