Ten Reasons You Should Use Lube

At Penchant, we know there are lots of reasons to love lube – after all, it leads to a happier, healthier love life.  Here are some of our favorite reasons to add lube into your rotation:

  1. You remember how Slip ‘N Slides were so much fun as a kid?  Consider lube the grown up version.  Fun sex = good sex.
  2. Using lube is a way to make sex safer!  Too much friction can lead to risk of infection, but lube reduces friction.  It also makes you less sore after sex.  Slather it on, we say.
  3. Lube helps enhance sensations and increase your pleasure. Sign us up.
  4. Personal lubricant can help ease uncomfortable or painful sex caused by dryness.
  5. Silicone lube, in particular, can be used as a sensual massage lotion that won’t break down condoms.  We love a good multi-purpose product!
  6. If there is a size difference between you and your partner, lube helps make the experience more pleasurable for everyone.
  7. Some parts of the body don’t lubricate themselves naturally.  Just saying.
  8. Personal lubricant can be used with sex toys to increase pleasure.
  9. Whether it’s a solo act or a mutual thing, lube is fantastic for masturbation.
  10. Water can strip a woman’s natural lubrication, so using silicone lube in water makes sex a whole lot more comfortable and fun.  Time to hit the showers!

We could keep adding to the list!  What are your favorite reasons?

August 20, 2015 by Tanya Gallagher

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