A Roll In The Hay Says Penchant Premium is Fantastic

It’s Monday afternoon and here at Penchant we’re blushing again.  The cause this time?  A glowing review from Kristi over at A Roll In The Hay!  On her blog, Kristi shares hilarious bedroom misadventures that have made me laugh out loud, and she writes honest, thoughtful product reviews.  When it came time to review Penchant Premium, she not only mentioned that it is “fantastic if you like to do any sort of anal play whatsoever,” she also shared a game-changing oral sex tip from Ducky Doolittle that lets Penchant Premium shine.  We’re so thrilled for the kind words!  Visit A Roll In The Hay to read more, and let us know if you try the sex tip.

June 22, 2015 by Tanya Gallagher

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